Born and raised in Marseille and passionate about nature since I was a child, I have a PhD in Population Ecology. I spent 8 years in prestigious international research institutes to become a specialist of Albatrosses. With several missions in the South, I developed mathematical models to prove the impact of human activities on the catastrophic decline of these emblematic birds. I then published at the highest level and received awards for my scientific conferences. Then, discovering the lack of concrete transposition of scientific work in the economic world, I left everything in 2017 to find a more impactful path for the protection of Biodiversity!

Then a young mom, I was selected for a Made in Australia elite program that trains women scientists in leadership to change the world. It culminates in the largest female expedition in history to Antarctica. The only French woman among 78 scientists from 16 countries, I was awarded the Tribune's "Top 20 Women Innovators" award upon my return. I then realized how fundamental and under-represented scientists are in our society.

In 2017, I decided to become a freelance impact scientist with consulting, conferences and polar expeditions. In 2018, I co-founded the Earthship Sisters movement that reveals women's leadership to accelerate the ecological transition. With a team of 20 people today, and the ambition to metamorphose 1500 women (the Sisters) by 2030 into eco-entrepreneurs and eco-ambassadors in the world, I am founding in 2022 a consulting company and training organization specialized in Environmental Leadership. The goal is to help all companies take action towards a fairer and safer world (according to the Donut Theory), while promoting the solutions offered by the Sisters, in a totally disinterested way!

These human, polar and entrepreneurial explorations are essential for me to ensure our future, I invite you to come on board with me...


We need more leaders to take action and show the desire to act as soon as possible - not more data proving the negative impact of climate change or pollution on the 6th extinction crisis of Biodiversity.

Women have a major role to play in the current decade, to provide creative solutions aligned with their core values and with social, economic and environmental impact. 

By harnessing the power of the positive, exploring the current period becomes extremely exciting and allows us to imagine the opportunities to create a better world individually and collectively! No more anxiety-induced immobilism !

By spending more time feeling the power of Nature (without going far), we reconnect with ourselves, with others, with the elements and with life. This refocuses us on who we really are and on the essential which is to protect our Planet...

Let’s Act Together !

Each year we select 24 women with a responsible business idea. French-speaking, of all ages or professional, geographical and social backgrounds, often in professional reconversion, these future Sisters enter a unique 12-month program, compatible with their professional and personal lives, which includes :

  1. An incubator for environmental impact businesses
  2. Environmental leadership training in the wilderness
  3. A series of challenges to educate on the environment and fight against discrimination

At every moment the Sisters benefit from the power of sisterhood and the strength offered by sailing, a key tool of the program.

Future Sister, take the plunge and apply

After four years of research and development with my multi-potential international team, the Environmental Leadership pedagogy developed for the Sisters is now available to everyone (men and women, companies and institutions).

This social economy company, a Qualiopi training organization and aggregator of the expertise of all the Sisters, donates all of its profits to the Earthship Sisters association.

Do you want your talents to improve their self-awareness, interpersonal skills and stay on top of ecological issues? Join the movement!

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As an impact scientist, I have developed conferences to address your existential concerns and fight against the perception biases imposed by our society. Relying on strinking interactive demonstrations, popularized graphics, and even the poetry provided through albatrosses, I develop your critical thinking and open-mindedness and prepare you to be the actors of the transition. 

This transformation is always done at your own pace, without feeling guilt, and in the desire of change rather than under constraint. My conferences can be followed by collective intelligence workshops or personalized coaching.

I offer impactful interventions for an audience of 10 to 5000 people, in French or in English, in person or online. I adapt my specific content to your issues. 93% of my clients leave with a more optimistic vision of the world and with professional and personal commitments.

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After several months spent in isolation in the albatross colonies of Kerguelen and the Falklands/Malvinas, I became a naturalist guide and zodiac pilot in Antarctica. Every January, I accompany rather wealthy tourists to discover the landscapes, the fauna and the extraordinary history of this great continent. And then, because I love diversity and paradoxes, I set up educational programs for young people from Marseille who are in difficulty and take them to the Arctic to camp among the glaciers and polar bears. In both cases, the strong emotions felt by the participants often transform them into ambassadors of the environment. 

I am an impact guide and not a travel agency. So follow me on Linkedin to discover the stories, photos and videos of these different expeditions. And above all, put more Nature in your lives!

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Trophées Sport et Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises
Lauréats 1% pour la Planète - Catégorie mouvements citoyens
Trophée de l'entreprise engagée
Trophée de l'attractivité - Catégorie Environnement
Top 20 des femmes innovantes
Travel Award : Workshop Bayesian population models
Suisse, 2013
EURING statistical conférence : Best performance award
USA, 2013
Félicitations du Jury de thèse international
Best student talk award
UK, 2011
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