Dr Deborah Pardo

Deborah Pardo intervened in a conference for the 100 agents of the Human Resources department of the city of Pau in 2023. Her conference entitled 'Staying optimistic and acting in the face of the ecological crisis - what Albatrosses teach us' completely captivated us. The target audience being administrative agents, I wanted to offer them an intervention on the theme of transition while maintaining a positive discourse. Deborah captured and captivated her audience for over an hour and a half. Her impactful, authentic speech enriched by her experience nourished us. She managed to combine scientific reflection with many examples from her personal and professional life. And what about the albatrosses and her travels? It was an incredible adventure that led us to the end of her intervention in the feathers of an albatross ready to take flight. A big thank you!

Dr Deborah Pardo
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